Ignorance can be bliss – but not if it’s your IT Architecture

Right information at the Right time to the Right Person – will be a key differentiator for your organisation’s success and we can assist you in achieving this.

Technology has evolved to become a key energy source for organisations to function effectively.  Competitiveness of an organisation, depends upon its ability to access timely, trust-able business data from its IT landscape and act upon it.  At the same time, it’s IT backbone should be flexible enough to change fast and support strategic business decisions.  This is only possible by establishing a well governed IT architecture process which can assure alignment across different organisational touch points like Business Processes, Data Integrity, Application Capabilities and Technology Evolution.

In the endeavor to be more efficient and flexible , organisations invest in diverse applications and products. Unfortunately though , most organisations tend to end up “buying a cafe to drink coffee” . Read  How ?

Your information quality will only be as good as your business data flow in your IT systems. To assist you in ensuring that your technology investments provide the value you hope for,  we bring our knowledge in developing Enterprise IT / Information architecture and design, IT and Data Governance models,  IT strategy development and years of experience.

GetArk Services are created with a single focus .i.e.  Help organisations realise the potential of their Enterprise / IT / Data / Information  Architecture  using  well Governed Processes.